As humans, we form 80% of our perceptions by using our most dominant sense organs: sight. We rely so heavily on our vision to direct us through our lives, daily. That is why it is so important to take care of our eyes to prevent the risk of losing our vision and to prevent any additional problems or diseases. Below are 8 tips to protect your vision.

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Abby Kiesner
4 Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Having a diverse workforce can bring positive benefits to a company as well as its employees. Everyone views the world differently, this means that they can apply their personal experiences and circumstances to contribute unique perspectives to benefit a company. There are many positive impacts of having a diverse workforce. Some important ones to remember are that diversity can increase productivity, increase creativity, improve cultural insight, and increase employee engagement.

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How to be a Better Leader in the Workplace: Utilize Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a hidden gem for the workplace. Leaders are starting to realize how being self-aware and aware of others’ emotions aids in improving workplace relationships, communication, and increases overall motivation. The ability to read ourselves, others, and situations play major keys in creating a healthy, happy, and motivated workplace environment.

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